Panel Discussion Session I: Beyond Traditional Asset Allocation: Investing in a Low Return, High Risk Environment
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

This session will focus on tools beyond traditional asset allocation that institutional investors can use to move closer to achieving their investment return objectives at reasonable levels of risk. The panel will discuss and debate: active vs. passive, pros and cons of hedge funds, the use of other alternative strategies in portfolio construction, governance and other related topics.

  • Moderator: Kristen Doyle, Partner & Head of Public Funds, Aon Hewitt
  •     Carla Brooks, Managing Director, Commerce Street Investment Management
  •     Robert Burd, Deputy CIO, Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
  •     Pete Keliuotis, Senior Managing Director, Cliffwater
  •     Julia Wittlin, Director, Blackrock

Panel Discussion Session II: Credit
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

Credit continues to be an important asset class with strong historical performance. However, policy, growth, and regulatory uncertainties pose new challenges and opportunities. Join our experts as they discuss the current environment for credit and strategies for investing at attractive rates of return.

  • Moderator: Ken Monaghan, Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden
  •     Michael Becker, Co-founder, Plexus Capital
  •     Tarik Dalton, Director of Multi-Strategy, NC State Treasurer
  •     Tom Loughrey, Analyst, Silverback Asset Management
  •     Douglas Vaughn, Senior Managing Director and CAO, Triangle Capital Corporation

Roundtable Discussion Session I: Real Estate
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

Investing in real estate remains attractive. Although highly competitive, strong fundamentals and improving valuations continue to support incremental investment. Join our roundtable to evaluate the outlook for real estate, discuss the impact of economic conditions and interest rates and consider emerging strategies for new investment.

  • Moderator: Greg MacKinnon, Director of Research, Pension Real Estate Association
  •     Simon Allen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden
  •     Tom Arnold, Head of Americas – Real Estate, ADIA
  •     Joseph Fadel, Chief of Staff Americas/Investment Governance & Ops., TH Real Estate
  •     Lee Roberts, Managing Director, SharpVue Capital
  •     Prof. Jacob Sagi, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
  •     Ira Shaw, Managing Director, Landmark Partners
  •     Ash Williams, Executive Dir. & CIO, Florida State Board of Administration

Panel Discussion Session III: Quantitative and Factor Strategies
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

There has been a recent surge in interest in quantitative investments strategies and alternative risk premia. The panel will explore the evolution of the quant space, the slippery distinction between alpha and alt beta, approaches to risk premia extraction and portfolio construction, the connection between macroeconomic variables and risk premia, the extent to which risk premia can be timed, the role of “big data” and machine learning in the development of quant strategies, and other related topics.

  • Moderator: Josh Shapiro, MD, Investment Strategy & Risk UNC Management Company
  •     Prof. Michael Brandt, QMS Capital and Duke University
  •     Prof. Sid Browne, Credit Suisse and Columbia Business School

Panel Discussion Session IV: Private Equity
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

Private equity returns have exceeded public market equity returns over a long horizon. Are large capital inflows, fee compression, historically low interest rates and high valuations going to challenge the opportunity in private equity going forward? What techniques or factors are being developed to preserve private equity outperformance? From a new investments perspective, what opportunities do you see that are most actionable today? Against this background, this panel will discuss the implications for long-term investment strategies, aiming to develop appropriate tactical responses for portfolio allocators.

  • Moderator: Peter Cornelius, Managing Director, AlpInvest
  •     Alex Bean, Principal, Plexus Capital
  •     Jim Burr, Managing Director, Carlyle
  •     Rob Edwards, Partner, Ridgemont Equity Partners
  •     Craig Nickels, Head of US Fund Investment, ADIA
  •     Kevin Tunick, VP & Managing Director – Private Investments, UNCMC

Roundtable Discussion Session II: Hedge Funds
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

In recent years, the hedge fund industry faced a number of challenges including performance expectations, regulatory changes, operating margin pressure, and reputational risk, among others. This has altered the landscape for both fund investors and managers, both of which must adapt to the changing environment. Fund investors are seeking to identify talented managers that are most likely to succeed. Similarly, fund managers are adapting their strategies and business models to perform in a more competitive industry setting. Join our panel as they explore these issues, and potential solutions, from both the investor and manager perspectives.

  • Moderator: Mark Corigliano, DUMAC
  •     Noah Funderburk, Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden
  •     Prof. Christian Lundblad, UNC Chapel Hill
  •     Rob Mallernee, CEO, Eton Advisors
  •     Ty Powers, Portfoli Manager, NC State Treasury
  •     Bruce Rodio, Managing Director, Waterfall Asset Management
  •     Peter Shepard, Managing Director, MSCI
  •     Rob Sinnott, Portfolio Manager and Research Scientist, AlphaSimplex Group
  •     Toli Xanthopoulos, Senior Associate, Mercer
  •     SJ Zaremba, Director, Ross, Jeffrey & Antle, LLC

Panel Discussion Session V: Responsible Investing
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a generic term used to describe the non-financial performance and risk factors that allow investors to evaluate corporate behavior and the impact of these factors on public and private markets investments. Responsible investing can span across a range of objectives. At one end of the spectrum is “Socially Responsible Investing”, which focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns. At the other end of the spectrum is “Impact Investing”, which prioritizes ethical considerations linked to social outcomes. This panel will explore a range of topics related to pension and endowment fund adoption of ESG investing programs.

  • Moderator: Sondra Vitols, Investment Consultant, DUMAC
  •     Bret Batchelder, Managing Director, Cherokee
  •     Lee Coker, ESG Officer, Oak Hill Capital Partners
  •     Justin Desrosiers, Director of Investments at Investor’s Circle & Principal, PCC Funds

Panel Discussion Session VI: Energy
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

Energy sector investors have experienced significant volatility in recent years as a result of commodity price pressures that were driven by a variety of factors. But expectations for higher inflation and growth could foretell a bottoming of the cyclical downturn and an attractive opportunity for investors to increase their exposure to the energy sector. Join our panel as they discuss the outlook for the energy sector and share views on where investors can seek attractive rates of return.

  • Moderator: Larry Ostema, Partner & Co-Chair Energy Practice, Nelson Mullins
  •     Brian Conner, Managing Director, Jefferies Group
  •     Michael Hennessy, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Morgan Creek
  •     George Strobel, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Monarch Private Capital

Roundtable Discussion Session III: Private Equity and Venture Capital
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

Join leading experts as they discuss current issues in private equity and venture capital investing. Topics will include the outlook for the tech sector, developments in global private equity, raising early-stage capital, the fundraising environment and the prospects of new emerging strategies including direct lending and long-dated funds, among others.

  • Moderator: Mike Elio, Partner, StepStone
  •     Michael Carroll, Principal, Morgan Stanley AIP
  •     Peter Cornelius, Managing Director, AlpInvest
  •     Paul Finlayson, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust
  •     Barry Griffiths, Partner, Landmark Partners
  •     Kel Landis, Partner and Co-founder, Plexus Capital
  •     Karen LeVert, Chief Executive, Southeast TechInventures
  •     Austin Long, Principal, Alignment Capital Group
  •     Michael Mankowski, COO, Echo Health Ventures
  •     Craig Nickels, Head of US Fund Investment, ADIA
  •     Michael Phipps, Investment Director, Davidson Endowment
  •     Edwin Poston, General Partner & Co-founder, TrueBridge Capital
  •     Nick Purrington, Partner, Purrington Moody Weil LLP