Hedge Funds
(Wednesday March 23, PM)

Studies indicate that fund returns tend to decline with increasing fund size. Consequently, fund investors face the challenge of not only identifying talented managers, but doing so earlier in a manager’s career when their track record is less certain. A variety of strategies and models have been established to seed and incubate new top performing funds resulting in varying degrees of success. Join our panel as they explore the process of identifying and developing the next successful investment managers.

  • Moderator: Eric Koehrsen, Investment Manager, DUMAC
  • Panelist: Thomas Bancroft, Founder / Owner, Makaira Partners LLC
  • Panelist: Ryan Roderick, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Panelist: To Come

(Wednesday March 23, PM)

Where are we in the credit cycle for the U.S., other developed economies and emerging markets. What credit strategies are likely to perform best? Within the energy sector, where are we in the credit cycle? What are likely to be new opportunities and effective strategies to capitalize on dislocations over the near-to-intermediate term?

  • Moderator: Jon Duensing, Senior Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden
  • Panelist: Andrew Curtis, Managing Director, Z Capital Partners
  • Panelist: Tarik Dalton, Director of Multi-strategy, NC Department of Treasurer
  • Panelist: Robert Thompson, Senior Portfolio Manager, UPS
  • Panelist: Michael Zicari, Managing Partner, Eaglehill Advisors

Private Equity
(Wednesday March 23, PM)

Private equity returns have exceeding public market equity returns over a long horizon. Are large capital inflows, fee compression, historically low interest rates and high valuations going to challenge the opportunity in private equity going forward? What techniques or factors are being developed to preserve private equity outperformance?

  • Moderator: Shawn Munday, Executive Director, Institute for Private Capital
  • Panelist: Michael Becker, Co-Founder, Plexus Capital
  • Panelist: Garrett Hall, Principal, AlpInvest
  • Panelist: Jay Jester, Managing Director, Audax Group
  • Panelist: Aaron Tavel, Managing Director, Nomura Securities

Venture Capital and Seed Investing
(Wednesday March 23, PM)

How has the pace of technological innovation impacted the VC and seed capital investing environment? Do you expect the trends to continue over the long-term? How can investors best position themselves to take advantage and avoid the risks of the rapidly changing early-stage investing landscape?

  • Moderator: Kate Sidebottom Simpson, Associate, TrueBridge Capital Partners
  • Panelist: Mitch Mumma, Managing General Partner, Intersouth Partners
  • Panelist: Jayson Punwani, Principal, Pappas Ventures
  • Panelist: Kevin Tunick, VP and Managing Director – Privates, UNCMC

(Wednesday March 23, PM)

Significant volatility in commodity markets, and energy in particular, have created winners and losers. New investment in hydrocarbons has fallen off sharply. Longer-term opportunities in new technologies are likely to also be disrupted with a prolonged period of low oil and natural gas prices. What opportunities exist in traditional and new technologies (e.g., clean-tech) to invest at attractive rates of return?

  • Moderator: Stephen Arbogast, Professor of the Practice, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Panelist: Rob Day, Partner, Black Coral Capital
  • Panelist: To Come
  • Panelist: To Come

Alternative Strategies for Global Investing
(Wednesday March 23, PM)

Investing in global markets, particularly emerging markets, typically requires substantial expertise and infrastructure investment (e.g. “boots on the ground”, deep access to research and due diligence, sophisticated regulatory and legal expertise, etc.). What are the unique issues around global alternative investing across geographies, fund categories and / or direct investments and where are the best opportunities for outsized returns?

  • Moderator: Miguel Gonzalo, Head of Investment Strategies, Adams Street Partners
  • Panelist: Adrian Helfert, Global Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden
  • Panelist: Chad Cleaver, Portfolio Manager, Driehaus
  • Panelist: Jeff Schlapinski, Research Manager, EMPEA

Portfolio Downside Protection and Tail Risk Strategies
(Thursday March 24, AM)

Institutions have continued to look for ways to diversify portfolio risks after severe valuation declines during the financial crisis. Conventional diversification via high-quality fixed income may impact returns and traditional portfolio insurance via options strategies can be costly. How do various alternative strategies provide high-assurance downside protection and how might traditional fixed income strategies be enhanced to provide more attractive returns without substantially increasing risk?

  • Moderator: Prof. Greg Brown, Director, Kenan Institute
  • Panelist: Mike Hennessy, Co-Founder & Director of Investments, Morgan Creek Capital
  • Panelist: Mark Roberts, Chief Investment Officer, Biltmore Family Office
  • Panelist: Duncan Valentine, Managing Director, Capstone

New Frontiers in Real Estate Investing
(Thursday March 24, AM)

As traditional RMBS and CMBS markets have rebounded since the financial crisis, financial innovation across new product categories has been prolific. New investment vehicles such as securitized products for single-family rental (SFR), agency credit risk transfer (CRT), and specialized investment funds and REITS (e.g., student accommodation) offer investors a variety of ways to capitalize on macro and discrete market trends. How important are these for investors seeking exposure to real assets and what other investment vehicles are on the horizon?

  • Moderator: To Come
  • Panelist: Thomas Errath, Senior Vice President, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital
  • Panelist: Noah Funderburk, Portfolio Manager, AmundiSmithBreeden
  • Panelist: Jeff Tucker, COO, Century Bridge