Panel Discussion Session I: Asset Allocation
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

  • Moderator: Kristen Doyle, Partner & Head of Public Funds, Aon Hewitt

Panel Discussion Session II: Credit
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

Where are global credit cycles right now? Where are you seeing market opportunities and what strategies should be best positioned to take advantage of dislocations over the near-to-intermediate term? What is your view on private credit? How does market liquidity factor into opportunity evaluation and strategy implementation?

  • Moderator: Jon Duensing, Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden

Roundtable Discussion Session 1: Real Estate
(Thursday March 30, 1:30 PM)

As traditional RMBS and CMBS markets have rebounded since the financial crisis, financial innovation across new product categories has been prolific. New investment vehicles such as securitized products for single-family rental (SFR), agency credit risk transfer (CRT), and specialized investment funds and REITS (e.g., student accommodation) offer investors a variety of ways to capitalize on macro and discrete market trends. How important are these for investors seeking exposure to real assets and what other investment vehicles are on the horizon?

  • Moderator: Greg MacKinnon, Director of Research, Pension Real Estate Association
  • Roundtable: Simon Allen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Amundi Smith Breeden

Panel Discussion Session I: Quantitative and Factor Strategies
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

  • Moderator: Josh Shapiro, MD, Investment Strategy & Risk UNC Management Company
  • Panelist:: Prof. Michael Brandt, QMS Capital and Duke University
  • Panelist: Prof. Sid Browne, Credit Suisse and Columbia Business School
  • Panelist: Prof. Stephen Ross, RJA Capital and MIT Sloan School

Panel Discussion Session II: Private Equity
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

Private equity returns have exceeded public market equity returns over a long horizon. Are large capital inflows, fee compression, historically low interest rates and high valuations going to challenge the opportunity in private equity going forward? What techniques or factors are being developed to preserve private equity outperformance? From a new investments perspective, what opportunities do you see that are most actionable today? Against this background, this panel will discuss the implications for long-term investment strategies, aiming to develop appropriate tactical responses for portfolio allocators.

  • Moderator: Peter Cornelius, Managing Director, AlpInvest / Carlyle

Roundtable Discussion Session II: Hedge Funds
(Thursday March 30, 2:45 PM)

The hedge fund industry faces a number of challenges including performance expectations, regulatory changes, operating margin pressure, and reputational risk, among others. This has altered the landscape for both fund investors and managers, both of which must adapt to the changing environment. Fund investors are seeking to identify talented managers that are most likely to succeed. Similarly, fund managers are adapting their strategies and business models to perform in a more competitive industry setting. Join our panel as they explore these issues, and potential solutions, from both the investor and manager perspectives.

  • Moderator: : Mark Corigliano, DUMAC
  • Roundtable: Pascal Farahmand, Senior Investment Officer, IMF
  • Roundtable: Carlos Perrone, Treasurer, United Nations

Panel Discussion Session III: Responsible Investing
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a generic term used to describe the non-financial performance and risk factors that allow investors to evaluate corporate behavior and the impact of these factors on public and private markets investments. Responsible investing can spans range of objectives with one end of the spectrum focusing on maximizing risk-adjusted returns “Socially Responsible Investing” to the other end, “Impact Investing” which prioritizes ethical considerations linked to a social outcome. This panel will explore a range of topics related to pension and endowment fund adoption of ESG investing programs.

  • Moderator: Sondra Vitols, Senior Portfolio Manager, NC Department of the Treasurer
  • Panelist: Justin Desrosiers, Principal, PCC Funds

Panel Discussion Session III: Energy
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

Significant volatility in commodity markets, and energy in particular, have created winners and losers. New investment in hydrocarbons has fallen off sharply. Longer-term opportunities in new technologies could also be disrupted with a prolonged period of low commodity prices. What opportunities exist to invest at attractive rates of return?

  • Panelist: Ron DiFelice, Founder, Energy Intelligence Partners

Roundtable Discussion Session III: Private Equity and Venture Capital
(Thursday March 30, 4:00 PM)

  • Moderator: Mike Elio, Partner, StepStone
  • Roundtable: Michael Phipps, Investment Director, Davidson Endowment
  • Roundtable: Peter Cornelius, Managing Director, AlpInvest / Carlyle
  • Roundtable: Jeff Clark, Co-Founder, Aurora Funds